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When an individual or business fails to uphold their legal obligations, filing a lawsuit may be the only way to right the wrong. But a judgment in the plaintiff’s favor is only a piece of paper if it cannot be enforced. That is why the law of every state, including Texas, provides for receiverships. Receivership allows a third party to locate, seize, and liquidate assets of a judgment debtor for the benefit of the judgment creditor. Receivers are not debt collectors, nor do they represent either party in a lawsuit; they are appointed by state and federal courts to enforce their judgments.

At Volberding Legal Group, PLLC., we concentrate our work exclusively in the area of receivership, taking a proactive approach to identifying, locating, seizing, and liquidating non-exempt assets. These matters are often complex, requiring sophisticated analysis and strategy. Attorney James W. Volberding is not only an attorney but also a Certified Public Accountant. Our broad skill set and narrow practice focus give us an advantage in efficiently satisfying the judgments of Texas courts.