Texas Civil Litigation and Appeals

Tyler, Texas attorney James W. Volberdingprovides aggressive civil litigation representation on a variety of civil disputes. He represents clients in federal and state litigation in East Texas, as well as civil and criminal appeals in federal and state courts, from district courts to the U.S. Supreme Court.

State & Federal Civil Litigation

James W. Volberding is a seasoned Tyler, Texas, civil litigation lawyer representing businesses seeking to collect debts owed by corporations, cases and disputes over money, property/boundary issues or services owed. The Volberding Law Firm offers a… Read More

You Want to Sue Someone

If someone harms you or your business, it may be necessary for you to sue that person or company. Here are some things you need to know. First, have realistic expectations. The courthouse is not a slot machine that is going to give you a lot of money… Read More

What if You Have Been Sued?

As you have already gathered if you’ve read about the process of a lawsuit in Texas: if you receive a threatening letter from a lawyer, or are served with a lawsuit, you need to take the documents to an experienced civil litigation lawyer immed… Read More

What About Lawsuits Involving Cars?

Every lawyer gets phone calls about cars and trucks. Vehicle owners often have disputes because the car broke down, or has defects, or was not repaired properly. A lawyer can certainly deal with such situations, but rarely will the value of a vehicle… Read More

Civil Appeals

James Volberding represents businesses and individuals in the Texas and federal appellate courts. He has written and argued briefs in the Tyler, Texarkana, Eastland, and Dallas Courts of Appeals involving contract disputes, child custody, fa… Read More