Civil Attorney in Tyler, Texas

James W. Volberding is a seasoned Tyler, Texas, civil litigation lawyer representing businesses seeking to collect debts owed by corporations, cases and disputes over money, property/boundary issues or services owed. The Volberding Law Firm offers a range of general civil litigation cases and in the past has represented individuals, families and businesses in order to resolve their case in court. Mr. Volberding has the ability to handle complex civil litigation cases of all sizes.

How to Hire a Civil Lawyer

So, you want to sue someone or you have been sued. Resolving disputes can be complicated, usually requiring a combination of sound judgment, experience, technical legal knowledge and interpersonal skills. Hiring a lawyer is not like hiring someone to repair your roof. You about to form a personal relationship with someone to whom you are going to pay a lot of money, tell personal secrets, entrust something important, and require success or protection. Here is what you should do:

  • Meet the lawyer. See if you like him or her. If you do not like the lawyer, chances are neither do judges, other lawyers, or juries. You must have good chemistry. Make sure you understand the cost of the first meeting. (We charge $75.)
  • See if the lawyer is interested in you and your problem. Does he or she listen?
  • See if the lawyer proposes sensible and affordable options and solutions.
  • Do you like the offices? Good lawyers generally have better offices.
  • Do you like the staff? Good lawyers train their paralegals and secretaries to be sensitive, interested and responsive.
  • Does the lawyer return phone calls and emails? Clients often complain that their lawyers do not respond.
  • Is the lawyer going to be reasonable on fees? Good lawyers do not charge for every phone call or email, and try to look for reasonable solutions with an eye on reducing the client's costs.
  • Make sure you understand what the lawyer will charge and when. Understand, however, that lawyers cannot be precise about costs because the direction of the case is determined by the actions of the other lawyer, the other party, and the judge. The lawyer, however, can provide a range of costs depending on various scenarios.
  • Ask other lawyers for recommendations, if you know some.

Mr. Volberding's Experience

Mr. Volberding is a marathon runner who has tried dozens of civil cases to juries from breach of contract, personal injury, and business disputes, in Smith County and elsewhere. He has written and filed appeals in complicated civil cases in Texas. He is a CPA. He holds the rank Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve, Judge Advocate General Corps. (He is a JAG officer). He is currently the Staff Judge Advocate for the 412th Theater Engineer Command in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

The Volberding Law Firm handles the following types of Texas civil litigation cases:

  • Property and Boundary Disputes
  • Corporate Debt Collection
  • Breach of Contract Disputes
  • Construction Defects
  • Personal Injury Disputes
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Products Liability
  • Consumer Protection
  • Insurance Coverage Disputes
  • Fraud
  • Civil Appeals

If you or a friend or family member have been harmed, or you have been sued, particularly in Tyler, please call Mr. Volberding, or better, schedule an appointment to speak with him. We charge a $75 office visit fee to discuss civil matters, which will cover an hour or so to evaluate your situation.

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