What if You Have Been Sued?

As you have already gathered if you've read about the process of a lawsuit in Texas: if you receive a threatening letter from a lawyer, or are served with a lawsuit, you need to take the documents to an experienced civil litigation lawyer immediately. There are deadlines.

Most often, because of the expense, the lawyer will seek to negotiate settlement of the dispute as cheaply as possible without a lawsuit. Sometimes, however, one needs to fight, and in those circumstances, a good lawyer will relentlessly pull information out of the plaintiff and others necessary to impeach and defeat the plaintiff's case.

Many times a defendant can win the case by filing a motion for summary judgment. Texas judges love motions for summary judgment and often grant them. The Tyler Court of Appeals will almost always uphold a summary judgment.

Learn more about our work in Texas state and federal civil litigation. Or contact the Volberding Law Firm for a consultation about how we can help with your case.

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