Costs of Attorney Representation for a Texas Parole Hearing

The Volberding Law Firm charges a retainer of $3,500 to represent an incarcerated inmate client before the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, provided that the inmate is in one of the Tennessee Colony units, or within a two-hour drive of Tyler. Total fees range $3,500 to $6,000. If the inmate is farther, then it will be necessary to charge for additional costs of travel. For example, an inmate in Bonham will require a $4,500 retainer. Mr. Volberding will meet with the client at his prison unit and interview the client carefully about his circumstances and prepare a biographical summary for the Board, emphasizing the inmate's positive accomplishments and characteristics.

For parole revocation cases in which we represent a parolee facing a blue warrant and parole revocation, we will charge a retainer of $3,500, and more if the situation is complicated. We do not cookie-cutter these cases. The circumstances of client are unique and we tailor our representation to what is necessary to win.

If experts are needed, they are extra. A polygraph costs $2,500 if the polygraph must be done in the jail. For a computer technician to examine and dissect a computer hard drive, the cost starts at $2,500 and can reach $5,000. A substance abuse dependency evaluation by a psychologist or counselor will cost $2,500, and more for testimony.

To prepare a successful parole package, the family should bring the following items to the law firm:

  • Copies of the letters you have sent the Parole Board
  • Copies of any letters others have sent
  • A list of the names and addresses and phone numbers of past co-workers and employers
  • A list of the names and addresses and phone numbers of friends and family
  • Family photographs of marriage, celebrations, children, homes, and so forth, as many as possible, and any family albums
  • Photographs of children
  • Copy of the inmate's court file if you have it:
    • Judgement of conviction
    • Presentence investigation report
    • Offense reports
    • Indictment
  • Scrapbook containing accomplishments
  • A careful and accurate list of all of prior offenses — if you have documents on these, it would help
  • Certificates of education or achievement
  • Certificates or documents showing attendance or completion of alcohol and drug treatment
  • The names and addresses and phone numbers of all schools attended by the client
  • The names and addresses and phone numbers of all hospitals and doctors which have treated the client
  • A printout of any TDC reports showing parole eligibility dates
  • Any documents from the Parole Board

If you would like more information, please contact attorney James W. Volberding's Tyler, Texas law office. Usually the best way to proceed is for the family to meet Mr. Volberding at his office and talk about the client's situation. We do not charge for the first meeting with client families who do not hire us. So if you do not hire us, there is no charge. If you do hire us, the cost first meeting will be charged against the retainer.

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